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Pink Nazar Evil Eye Collection: Bamboo Pajamas & Kids' Clothing

      Step into the whimsical world of our Pink Nazar Evil Eye Collection, where the mystical meets the sustainable. This enchanting assortment spans from the tender beginnings of newborn knotted gowns and swaddles to the playful adventures of baby and toddler pajamas, including zip-up onesies and two-piece sets for kids. Each piece is lovingly crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, ensuring softness and comfort against delicate skin. Adorned with the gentle hues of the pink evil eye, or 'Nazar,' a symbol revered for centuries across cultures for its protective powers against negative vibes, this collection weaves a story of care and safeguarding into every stitch. Beyond the cozy embrace of pajamas, the range extends to twirl dresses and more, offering a full wardrobe infused with good wishes and a touch of magic. The Pink Nazar Evil Eye Collection is more than just clothing; it's a protective embrace, wrapped in the softest bamboo, for your little ones.